attackers through line up.

Businessman Chia Buang Hing, 34, accompanied by his lawyer, arrived at Petaling Jaya police headquarters around 11am on Saturday to identify the alleged aggressors.

Chia picked out the four policemen from a line up of over 30.

He also identified one more policeman who, he claimed, was present during the beatings but only watched.

Chia said despite being afraid, he knew he had to face up to the daunting task of confronting his enemies.

“I was so afraid that I vomited this morning before coming here,” he said.

Chia also had his statement taken by officers from Selangor police headquarters.

State CID chief SAC Mohd Adnan Abdullah said a task force has been set up to investigate the case thoroughly.

“Nobody is above the law. If there is evidence, the persons responsible will be charged in court,” he said.

Chia claimed he was allegedly beaten up by policemen who also took RM13,000 of his money after they stopped him at a roadblock at 11pm on Dec 18.

He was travelling from his home in Tropicana to Kota Damansara.

He alleged that the policemen also ordered him to make a false report that he had been injured in a car accident and that, if he refused, they would plant a blood-stained parang or drugs in his car.

Meanwhile, Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Tun Hisan Hamzah said Saturdy in a statement that Chia was arrested over suspicion of having a parang, heroin and driving a car without displaying its road tax.

He was also suspected of using a yellow royal family VIP membership card, he said.

On the day he was nabbed, Chia was sent to the Sungai Buloh Hospital for medical attention and he was treated as an outpatient, the state police chief said.

The businessman was remanded Dec 19 – 22 over two offences – possession of drugs and parang and he was allowed to see his lawyer and his family while in custody.

“I’d like to stress that the police will ensure that a fair and thorough investigation will be conducted.

“If evidence emerges that there has been an abuse of power, appropriate action will be taken,” he said.

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